Fighting for the
human right to
breathe clean air.

On average, 211 people die every year on London's roads. 9,400 die prematurely as a result of breathing toxic air.

Join my fight to restore London's air to legal and safe levels.


See whether
you live, work
or play in a
toxic area.


Find your local MP
and urge them to
get behind the
Clean Air Bill.


What are we
calling for?


The human right to breathe clean air

We’re calling on MPs to get behind the new Clean Air Bill put forward by Baroness Jenny Jones. The new bill will enshrine the right to clean air in UK law across all forms of air pollution.



Clean Air Zones

 A comprehensive network of Clean Air Zones (CAZs) across the UK – these must keep the dirtiest vehicles out of the most polluted parts of our towns and cities and champion public transport, walking and cycling.



Fewer Diesel Vehicles

We need the government to help drivers switch from dirty diesel vehicles to cleaner forms of transport.